A Crumbling Water Tower Converted Into An Astonishing Home

It’s now private property, but this water tower was originally buit in 1895 for the Hungarian railway.

As you can see it was in quite the state of disrepair.

Clearly nobody was maintaining the property.

You don’t see details like these modillion blocks very often.

Here’s a shot from the outside during construction.

The finished product is exquisite and has garnered quite a bit of local attention.

But the interior is even more impressive. Here’s a shot of the staircase in the foyer, leading to the living spaces.

It’s not easy to fit square cabinets and appliances on round walls. Good luck with buying cheap granite countertops to fit that wall.

They’ve got a great view from the living room but I hope they have put a railing up around that staircase. There’s one in the section view below so hopefully they got around to putting it in.

Images found on: http://viztorony.hu/h/budapest/48.html

Here’s a cross section of the tower. I sure hope one of those is a bedroom because I couldn’t find any bedroom pictures.