The Stockman Home In Mason City IA

Original Owner: George Stockman

Address: 530 1st Street, Mason City

Year Built: 1908

The Stockman house is based on Wright’s design for a fireproof house for $5,000, which was published in the Ladies Home Journal in April, 1907.

Wright likely became aquainted with Stockman when Wright was in Mason City in connection with a bank and hotel project, as Stockman was a friend of Markley, who was involved in this commission.

The house features a roof with a very wide overhang and wood trim that wraps around the corners of the house, de-emphasizing the the corners. A wide veranda extends the space of both the living and dining rooms, and opens the house to the outdoors. The entry is larger than is typical with the fireproof houses, and features a cantilevered roof.

In 1989 the house was threatened with demolition. A local group raised the funds necessary to move the house to a new location, directly adjoining the Rock Crest/Rock Glen subdivision, featuring houses by Walter Burley Griffen and Barry Byrne. Restoration was begun in 1991 and was completed the following year. The house is open for guided tours, click here for further information.